Our Guarantee

Liberty Home Contractors, Inc. shall re-perform any work that fails to conform to the obligations of the contract. Defects due to faulty workmanship which appear within a period of one (1) year from the date of completion of the contract shall be remedied by Liberty Home Contractors, Inc. Provisions of this article apply to work performed by sub-contractors as well as to work performed by direct employees of Liberty Home Contractors, Inc. Materials will be guaranteed by the manufacturer.


Workmanship shall be of high quality and all material used shall be new.

Liberty Home Contractors, Inc. shall permit owner and/or agents and public authorities to inspect work at any time.

Liberty Home Contractors, Inc. shall rid premises of waste materials and rubbish. At the completion of the work the premises shall be in a clean state.

History of Excellence:
Liberty Home Contractors, Inc. has provided homeowners and businesses with quality restoration and repair for many decades. We bring managerial experience and professional commitment to your project, whether large or small.

Among Recent Projects:

– A condominium restored in a timely manner enabling the resident to return to her home.

– A fire-gutted automotive repair shop brought back to an efficient working area.

– A fire-damaged luxury home where we worked closely with the homeowners to combine quality restoration with remodeling.

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