Mold Damage Repair Columbus – The Culprit

If you noticed that crack have developed in your foundation, you may be at risk for flooding in your home. Cracks in foundation are one of the main culprits of flood damage, resulting in mold damage.

When cracks develop in your foundation, it allows small areas for water to seep through and leak into places it doesn’t belong. Over time, mold forms in these areas, and it doesn’t take long. If you notice these cracks and aren’t sure if mold has started to form yet, one of our specialists can come to your home and run tests that can detect mold, and excess moisture that could cause future mold. Once we evaluate the situation, we are able to come up with a plan to remove all mold and prevent all future mold from happening.

Sometimes flooding is caused by more obvious problems. For example, if your hot water tank were to fail and flood your basement. Or even a water line break can cause flooding. Whatever the reason or cause may be, we can fix the problem.

Probably one of the worst flood you can have is caused by a sewer. If a sewer fills up over it’s expected capacity, this may cause it to overflow and come in through your floor drains or otherwise. This can be a disastrous, toxic mess. If this happens, make sure you stay away from the area and call a professional as soon as possible. These flood can be very harmful to your health, as they contain sewage and waste.

Whatever the reason may be, if you’re experiencing flooding or mold issues, call our mold damage repair Columbus professionals to save the day. Our team will take care of you and have you back to your normal routine in no time.

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